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Top Things to Know about DMZ Tour Korea

The Demilitarized Zone or DMZ is North and South Korea Border. This place is one of the most popular destinations among the foreign tourists and travelers visiting Korea. Established on July 27, 1953 (when the Armistice Agreement was signed during the Korean War), The DMZ is a buffer zone between North Korea and South Korea. On a guided DMZ tour Korea, you will get an opportunity to explore this famous zone that is untainted, undisturbed, quite peaceful and safe.
Here are some important things that you should know about the DMZ tour on your Korea visit:

1. How to get into DMZ?

The DMZ zone is only an hour’s drive away from Seoul. Civilian access to this zone is strictly controlled. No private cars and taxis are allowed to enter the DMZ zone. To enjoy a guided DMZ tour in Korea, you need to rely on a licensed tour operator. It is always recommended to book your DMZ tour in advance.
2. What should you carry when visiting DMZ?

When visiting DMZ Korea with an experienced tour guide, as a visitor, you must bring an ID card, passport and other documents (such as Application Registration Card or ARC). These are used for identity check purposes on your DMZ tour.


3. What are the top attractions?

Imjingak Resort: 

The Imjingak Resort holds a significant sentimental and symbolic meaning, which commemorates families, which are separated due to the division of North and South Korea. This is your first stop and attraction you will see on the way to the DMZ. 

Unification Bridge:

Built back in 1998, this bridge is more like a symbolic bridge. This bridge was built wishing the unification between two nations.
DMZ Exhibition Hall:

At the DMZ Exhibition hall, you will get an opportunity to browse through photographs and war artifacts. 

The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel:

This is one of the best attractions to explore on a DMZ tour in Korea. This tunnel is located beneath the border of North Korea and South Korea. 
Dora Observatory:

You will enjoy an insane experience by visiting the Dora Observatory, which is the last point before the actual DMZ begins. This observatory offers visitors a distinct vantage point and allows getting a glimpse into North Korea (only if it is a clear day). Here you can look through the telephoto lenses and observe the village of Kijongdong. 

Paju Premium Outlet:

The Paju Premium Outlet will be your final stop that features 160 designer and name brand outlet stores every day in an upscale outdoor setting. 

4. How to enjoy a safe and convenient DMZ tour in Korea? 

If you want to enjoy an exciting DMZ tour in Korea with an expert and highly experienced guide, then Kim’s Travel is here to help you! As a full-service Destination Management company in Seoul Korea, we have the license to arrange DMZ tour in Korea (from the Seoul City). With our knowledgeable English speaking guide, you will enjoy a safe, convenient, comfortable and exciting DMZ tour.
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